Who We Will Be

CPRB Vision 2020

Growth, excellence and innovation in pharmacy residency training

La vision du CCRP 2020

La croissance, excellence et l'innovation dans les programmes de résidence en pharmacie

CPRB Strategic Objectives

By the year 2020, the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board will:

1. Have a clear, proactive CPRB plan to meet the needs of entry-to-practice PharmD program graduates by:

  • Supporting competency-based accreditation standards in pharmacy residency training for entry–to-practice Pharm D program graduates
  • Collaborating with other pharmacy organizations and accrediting bodies, as well as accrediting bodies of other health professional training programs
  • Enhancing awareness of pharmacy residency training opportunities across Canada for applicants
  • Developing supporting tools, documents, and information/metrics to highlight the value of residency training

2. Facilitate the development and sharing of knowledge, skills, and tools that foster excellence in residency training by:

  • Developing an educational program plan for surveyors and CPRB members for year 2 surveys
  • Creating consistency in application of Year 1 and Year 2 standards to achieve educational outcomes

3. Conduct the operations of the Board effectively, and efficiently, in a fiscally responsible manner by:

  • Expanding PRAMS to include Year 2 programs
  • Outlining PRAMS activities/responsibilities

4. Implement accreditation of Advanced Pharmacy Residencies by:

  • Educating stakeholders about Advanced Practice Accreditation Standards
  • Developing a strategy to complete Advanced Pharmacy Practice accreditation on site visits

5. To partner with stakeholders to increase the residency training opportunities in Canada by:  

  • Supporting innovation in program design and delivery (e.g. ambulatory care, community)

Updated March 2019