Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) – Reflective Tool for Pharmacists

As pharmacists engage in providing care for patients seeking Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), the need to support them in processing their experiences becomes paramount. ​​B​ased on evidence from research conducted with pharmacists and pharmacy leaders on assisted dying practice, ​this tool ​is designed to support pharmacists in reflecting on and discussing their personal and emotional encounters with MAiD. It is essential to recognize that the experiences shared by the pharmacists in these groups may not fully encompass the diversity of all pharmacists' encounters. Nevertheless, through guided reflections and conversations, this tool provides a space for pharmacists to navigate the complexities of their roles and experiences. Additionally, it holds the potential to be relevant for other healthcare professionals, including other ​​pharmacy team members​​​​.  

We extend our gratitude to the CSHP Foundation for their generous support, which has enabled us to investigate pharmacists’ experiences and develop this resource. 

The Workbook version of the tool is in two formats: