About Us

The CSHP Foundation is an independent, charitable organization created by the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists to support research and educational programs that advance patient-centred pharmacy practice in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings for the betterment of public health.

The Foundation raises funds that are used to:

  • promote research within organized healthcare settings related to the practice of pharmacy;  
  • the advancement of pharmaceutical science; and  
  • programs of pharmaceutical education so that the public interest may be well served and protected.  

The ten trustees of the Foundation are appointed by the Board annually. The CSHP Board also appoints one of the trustees as chairperson, who reports to the Board. The Foundation operates independently from CSHP in accordance  with its Trust Deed.

Strategic Planning


In order to accomplish its goals, the Foundation seeks funding on an ongoing basis from individual members of the Society, pharmaceutical companies and other companies/trade associations that are associated with hospital pharmacy.