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RxFiles is an academic detailing program providing objective, comparative drug information to clinicians. The program began in 1997 as a service for Saskatoon family physicians.

In 2000, the program was expanded to provide service to physicians throughout Saskatchewan. Efforts to keep the drug selection tools up to date resulted in the publication of the RxFiles Drug Comparison Charts book, beginning in 2001. The book has become a practical tool for evidence based and clinically relevant drug use information throughout Canada. 

RxFiles continues to serve health providers and educators through newsletter reviews, Q&As, Trial Summaries, and up-to-date drug comparison charts. The clinical relevance of these materials comes from their initial focus as academic detailing tools for the front line practitioner wanting to provide the best possible drug therapy for their patients.

Complimentary RxFiles subscriptions are now available to all CSHP OB members. To access your Rx Files subscription:

Access RxFiles resources using web browser

  1. Click on https://www.cshp.ca/rx and it will take members to the member’s login page.
  2. Enter the membership credentials to log in to the website and it will direct members to the RxFiles website.
  3. On the RxFiles website, click on the “Our Resources” tab at the top. All of the materials that you gain access to will be there (13th Edition Drug Comparison Charts, GeriRxFiles, Diabetes and Pain Minibooks, Newsletters, Q&As and published articles).  You can click on the book icon of your choice. 
  4. There will be a “Table of Contents” button which you can click on which brings up all the chart titles as they appear in the book – if you click on any of the chart titles, the chart will come up.  As you scroll down, there are “Jump to Topic” buttons which narrow down your search.

 Access RxFilesPLUS using mobile application

 Download the RxFiles app via the Apple Store or Google Play, which contains the drug comparison charts.

  1. Now open https://www.cshp.ca on your mobile web browser, scroll down to Resources and click the RxFiles Members Access link.
  2. Add your CSHP membership credentials and it will direct you to the RxFiles webpage.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Activate IOS /Android Version” and it will ask your permission to open the mobile app. Now press open to access the resources using the application.
  4. Now you are logged in to the app version and ready to explore the resources available.

Framework for Improving the Safety and Security of Controlled Substances in Hospital High Risk Areas

In late 2018, the Ontario College of Pharmacists invited organizations that have made significant contributions to healthcare and medication management in Ontario to participate in a collaborative partnership to address the safety and security of Controlled Substances in hospital high risk areas. The Partnered Table was established in early 2019 as an initiative of the College’s Opioid Strategy.

Health care providers, administrators and regulators are well positioned to help address the growing issue of Controlled Substances diversion. Identifying gaps in awareness, organizational policies, procedures and capacity that increase avenues for diversion and acting to bridge these gaps is vital to preventing diversion in hospitals. This Framework aims to utilize a multidisciplinary collaborative system-based approach, bringing together patients, regulators, health care providers, senior hospital leadership and other stakeholders in order to develop principles and recommendations.

Review the framework here.