Advocacy & Social Media

Advocacy & Social Media Ambassadors

2019 CSHP/NBPA Joint Advocacy Campaign Video (English)
2019 CSHP/NBPA Joint Advocacy Campaign Video (French)

The New Brunswick Branch of CSHP (CSHP-NB) strives to advocate for the profession of pharmacy, particularly in the hospital setting.

Advocacy initiatives have come in many forms, including promotional videos, member profiles, and advocacy for the profession on external committees. A more concerted effort has been undertaken in recent years surrounding the social media presence of the branch.

The branch’s social media ambassador ensures that members (and non-members) are aware of future events or pertinent messages. During the month of March, which is Pharmacy Appreciation Month (PAM), the branch has been active in promoting both the practice of pharmacy and its members.

For the last 3 PAMs, CSHP-NB has shared numerous member profiles to recognize their important work, and to better promote the various roles that hospital pharmacists can have. The branch looks forward to continuing to highlight its members and advocate for the profession!

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