Please contact our Awards Committee Chair, Jacquie Jackson, for all Awards inquiries and information.

Gordon Kane Meritorious Award

Purpose and criteria

To recognize members of CSHP who have contributed to the organization through prolonged service and involvement in the affairs’ of CSHP NB Branch. This award is intended to honour those who have contributed in a significant way to the Society’s work at the branch or national level.

  • CSHP Member minimum of 10 years and 
  • Current member of CSHP NB Branch  

This award was originally offered every 5 years.  That was changed to every 2 years in 2003. 

Past Recipients
  • 2023 - Michael Leblanc
  • 2021 - Priscilla Gordon 
  • 2019 - Faith Louis  
  • 2017 - Jacquie Jackson  
  • 2015 - Jennifer Ryan  
  • 2013 - Leslie Manuel  
  • 2011 - Chantal Michaud  
  • 2009 - Moira Wilson  
  • 2007 - Lauza Saulnier  
  • 2005 - Diane Brideau-Laughlin  
  • 2003 - Julie Levesque  
  • 1998 - Nancy Roberts and Roy Steeves  
  • 1993 - Gordon Kane  

Excellence in Pharmacy Practice/ Leadership Award

Purpose and criteria

Will be granted for a project, protocol, process, or initiative of importance to hospital pharmacy practice that was implemented in a hospital or healthcare facility. Programs or initiatives may involve departments from outside of pharmacy, such as inter-professional clinics (e.g., family care teams).
Will recognize the leadership of an individual or team that has successfully guided a group of pharmacy professionals to a higher, sustained level of performance or has expertly managed a crisis or other difficult time. Leadership may be evidenced in one or more of the following ways: 

  • Inspiring a shared higher purpose and vision of pharmacy practice 
  • Leading with care, tending to the emotional well-being of others 
  • Respecting and encouraging diverse perspectives 
  • Encouraging creativity, innovation, resourcefulness, and accountability 
  • Forging strong, strategic relationships with stakeholders 
  • Exhibiting a commitment to high standards of integrity and responsibility in their work 
  • Actively listening to input from team members 
  • Other related qualities that may be considered during the selection process 
  • Any Member, Individual Supporter, or Student Pharmacist Supporter of CSHP who has held membership since the previous year  
  • In the event of a team nomination, at least one team-member must meet eligibility requirements.  

Only one award will be granted every 2 years. 

Past Recipients
  • 2021 - Melanie Cote 

Pharmacy Practice Residency Award (Sponsored by Pfizer)

Purpose and criteria

The Pharmacy Practice Residency Award recognizes year 1 pharmacy practice residents whose major projects are judged to be most deserving in terms of significant innovation, practical application, and/or development in an institutional pharmacy practice setting.  

  • Be a current Member of CSHP and must have been a Member of CSHP at the time the residency was completed 
  • Be currently enrolled in, or one-year post-completion, of a CPRB-accredited (or accreditation-pending) year 1 pharmacy practice residency program in the province of the branch administering the award. For the 2023 award, Members from the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 residency programs are eligible, depending on the submission deadline set by the branch; and 
  • The residency project manuscript must be formatted according to the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy's (CJHP) Author Guidelines ( 

Submissions are usually due on or about Aug 31, and applicants will be notified of the adjudication results before the end of October. 

The NS Branch (in odd years) and NB Branch (in even years) alternate responsibilities administering the award. The branches also adjudicate the award submissions and present the awards at branch award presentations. 

Past Recipients

2023 - TBA 

2022 - Mackenzie d’Entremont-Harris (NSHA)“Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk Modification Therapies Among Vascular Surgery Patients Admitted with Critical Limb Ischemia or Tissue Loss” 

2021 - Erin Ring (IWK) “Evaluating Barriers and Facilitators to deliver Hospital Pharmacy Services to women, children and their families during the Pandemic” 

2020 - Erin MacNeil (NSHA) “Managing opioids and minimizing risks in patients with cancer: An environmental scan of attitudes, confidence and practices of ambulatory, community and hospital pharmacist’s practices in Canada.” 

2019 - Krysta Spencer (NSHA) “Roles and Perceptions of Pharmacists as Immunizers of Adult patients in Tertiary Care in Academic Hospitals: An Environmental Scan of Canadian Hospital Pharmacists 

2018 - Kristin Kaupp (NSHA) “Optimizing patient education of oncology medications: A quantitative analysis of the patient perspective. 

2017- Tessa Lambourne (NSHA) “Optimizing patient education of oncology medications: A patient perspective.” 

2016 - Nicole Macdonald (Horizon- Moncton) “Reliability of a Best Possible Medication History Completed by non-admitted patients in the emergency room.” 

2015 - Laura Minard (NSHA) “Pharmacists Perceptions of the barriers and facilitators to the implementation of Clinical Pharmacy Key Performance Indicators. 

Fresenius Kabi Canada Continuing Education Grants

Purpose and criteria

These grants are intended to provide financial support to members who wish to attend or participate in an educational program or access pharmaceutical resources materials relevant to their practice.  Grants are sponsored by Fresenius Kabi Canada.  

The amount of funds available from the sponsor is reassessed and announced annually. 

  • Applicant must be current member of the CSHP NB Branch. 
  • For members who have recently received funding via an NB Branch Grant (last 3 years), this will be considered to ensure that as many members as possible will benefit from branch funding, but all members are welcome to apply.