Organizational Structure

The Ontario Branch is a provincial branch of CSHP and has geographically designated Chapters. Each member of the Branch is a member of CSHP and is entitled to all Society benefits. The Ontario Branch is governed by the Branch Council which is assisted by the Executive.

The Branch Council is the policy-making body of the Branch, composed of the elected Chapter Chairs, Committee Chairs, Liaison officers, and the members of the Executive.

The Executive may, subject to the control of Council, manage, operate and govern the Branch. The elected officers of the Branch (President, Past-President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Delegates) shall constitute the Executive. The Executive has the authority to incur obligations and disburse monies subject to Council's approval.

All Chapter Chairs are elected through a process described in the "Branch Elections" of this manual. Each Chapter Chair has voting privileges which may be cast by proxy when not in attendance. Both incoming and outgoing Chapter Chairs attend the Joint Council meeting held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting.

At the Joint Council meeting prior to the AGM, the incoming President assigns a "presidential liaison officer" (President, President-Elect or Past-President) to each Chapter. The presidential liaison officer provides guidance and advice to Chapter Chairs as required.

All Committee Chairs and Liaisons are appointed by the Executive and ratified by Council. The Liaisons and Committee Chairs are non voting positions with the exception of UPS and OPRA Liaisons. No later than the first meeting following the Annual Meeting, the President must confirm the appointment of, and make known, the name of the Chair of each Committee of the Branch, as well as Liaisons.

Through the National Office an Administrative Assistant is provided to assist Council in its actions, with the guidance of the President.

Organizational Chart

Branch Executive

Branch Council


* Task Forces are formed by Council for specific purposes.