The CPRB has published a minor update to the Standards in 2022, noted in section 1.4. The next full update to the Standards will be published in July 2023, with programs having until July 2024 to become compliant with that update. 

Annual Standards Updates

Please note - as of 2021, CPRB began making small annual updates to the Accreditation Standards in July of each year. Updated documents are posted on the CPRB website once finalized.

All programs undergoing an accreditation survey will be evaluated against the most recent version of the Standards, plus any updates issued. Programs will have one year to become compliant with updates, meaning that, for example, sites surveyed in the Fall of 2022 will be evaluated against the July 2021 updates to the 2018 (Year 1) or 2016 (Year 2) Standards. 

If you have any questions, please contact the CPRB Coordinator.

CPRB Accreditation Standards - Current Updates

This edition contains one small update to the wording of 1.4 as well as the replacement of gender-specific language (i.e., his/her, he/she) with more gender-inclusive language (i.e., their, they).

CPRB Accreditation Standards - Older Versions

Supplemental Documents