What is the CPRB?

Who We Are

The Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board (CPRB) establishes standards and conducts accreditation surveys of pharmacy residency training programs in Canada. It is a semi-autonomous body of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and has independence in conducting accreditation surveys, issuing accreditation awards, establishing policies and procedures that support accreditation processes, and developing or promoting education and research initiatives related to residency programs and residency training.

The CPRB consists of a Vice-Chair, Chair, and Past-Chair, and a minimum of four additional members. All CPRB members must be CSHP members. The Vice-Chair, Chair, and CPRB members are appointed and reappointed annually by the CSHP Board. The work of CPRB is assisted by sub-groups made up of CPRB members and other members of CSHP. In sharing their expertise, the sub-groups reduce the time and work demands on board members. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these sub-groups, please e-mail the CPRB Coordinator at cprb@cshp.ca.

Who we are video

What We Do

CPRB Mission

Promote and support excellence and innovation in post graduate pharmacy residency training programs, in hospital practice and other collaborative health care settings.

La mission du CCRP

Promouvoir et soutenir l'excellence et l'innovation dans les programmes post-gradués de résidence en pharmacie,  dans les établissements de santé et les d’autres milieux de soins de santé.


CPRB Board

  • Aleisha Enemark (Chair)
  • Roxane Carr (Vice-Chair)
  • Nancy Sheehan (Past-Chair)
  • Leslie Manuel (Member)
  • Erika MacDonald (Member)
  • Debbie Kwan (Member)
  • Christine Landry (Member)
  • Janice Yeung (Member)
  • Roxane Carr (Member)
  • Jean Lefebvre (Member)
  • Rhonda Roedler (Member)
  • Melanie Danilak (Member)

Standards Group

  • Mike Legal (Co-Chair)
  • Debbie Kwan (Co-Chair)
  • Nicole Bruchet (Member)
  • Henry Halapy (Member)
  • Janice Yeung (Member)
  • Brendon Mitchell (Member)
  • Rhonda Roedler (Member)


Surveyors Group

  • Leslie Manuel (Chair)
  • Jennifer Bolt (Member)
  • Cathy Burger (Member)
  • Roxane Carr (Member)
  • Barb Evans (Member)
  • Curtis Harder (Member)
  • Jean Lefebvre (Member)
  • Erika MacDonald (Member)
  • Cindy Natsheh (Member)
  • Marc Perreault (Member)
  • Gisia Pisegna (Member)
  • Bonnie Ralph (Member)
  • Nancy Sheehan (Member)
  • Barb Thomas (Member)