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CSHP Foundation 2022 Research Grant Competition

Announcing the 2022 Research Grant Competition

The CSHP Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of the 2022 Research Grant Competition. The Foundation is committed to supporting CSHP members in research that advances pharmacy practice and patient care in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings. It also encourages grant recipients to present and publish their findings thereby raising the profile of quality research being conducted by CSHP members.

Two grants of $10,000 each have been allocated to the current competition. The CSHP Research Committee will adjudicate eligible submissions based on established criteria and make recommendations for funding to the Board. Novice researchers are also encouraged to apply (see definition of novice researchers in the Criteria and Submissions Check List).

Submissions require the following components:

  1. Criteria and Submissions Check List (please use this template)
  2. Research Proposal
  3. Budget and Justification (please use this template)
  4. Completed Signature Page (please use this template)
  5. Proof of Institutional Review Committee/Research Ethics Board
  6. CV of the applicant and each investigator
APPLY: To apply for a 2022 Research Grant, please submit all application documents to Rosemary Pantalone electronically at  Applications must include components 1-5 in one PDF file and component 6 (i.e. CVs) in a separate PDF file.

QUESTIONS: Please direct inquiries to the CSHP Research Grant Committee Chair, Marisa Battistella at 
DEADLINE DATE: Submissions must be received by October 14, 2022.

Grant decisions will be announced in January 2023.

Additional Information for Research Grant Applications