CSHP Foundation Education Grant Program

Announcing the Availability of Education Grants in 2023

The CSHP Foundation is now accepting applications for education grants in the following categories:
®   Thematic Conferences Development: organization of a targeted group that will focus on issues in pharmacy practice and/or education.
®    Educational Programs or Materials Development for Pharmacists: development of resources for pharmacists with a focus on 
        optimizing pharmacotherapy.
Two education grants, maximum $5,000 each have been allotted for 2023.

Eligible education proposals will reflect CSHP members’ innovative approaches to identifying or developing opportunities for 
professional education, dialogue and knowledge transfer for pharmacists. The ultimate goal of each program will be to advance 
pharmacy practice and patient care in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings.

Education Grant Applicant Criteria: The principal applicant must be a CSHP Member, Member-in-Training, or Student Supporter and have 
been a CSHP member for at least 12 months at the time of the grant application.  Only one grant application may be submitted each year, 
and the principal applicant may only be awarded a grant every two years. Please refer to Criteria and Submissions Checklist document for 
further criteria.

Submissions for the Education Grants require the following components:
1.      Criteria and Submissions Checklist (please use this template)
2.      Title page (see Checklist document for details on what the title page should contain)
3.      Written proposal (see Checklist document for details on what the written proposal should contain)
4.      Grant Budget and Justification (please use this template)
5.      Curriculum vitae of the Principal Applicant
6.      Letter(s) of support from applicant’s employer

Additional information is also available:Criteria for Evaluation of Submissions
  ♦ Education Grant Program Description

 APPLY: To apply for a 2023 Education Grant, please submit all application documents in PDF format to Rosemary Pantalone 
            electronically at rpantalone@cshp.ca
 QUESTIONS: Please direct inquiries to Rosemary at the above-noted e-mail address.
 DEADLINE DATE: Submissions must be received by October 16, 2023.

Grant decisions will be announced in January 2024.

The CSHP Foundation supports research and educational programs that advance pharmacy practice and patient care in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings. The Foundation raises funds that are used to: promote research, advance pharmaceutical science and programs of pharmaceutical education. Support the CSHP Foundation.