For References

The process to complete an application for a pharmacy residency position requires the applicant to submit 3 references.

If you’ve been chosen to be a reference for an applicant, an email will be sent from the Pharmacy Residency Application Matching Service (PRAMS) requesting that you submit a reference for the applicant.

  • If you are unable to submit a reference, click on the icon “Decline this Request” provided in the email. The applicant requesting the reference will receive notification that you declined the request.
  • If you agree to submit a reference, click on the icon “Provide a Reference” provided in the email and follow the instructions in PRAMS.

References are asked to provide information on the following areas:

  • Your relationship with the applicant
  • Your rating of the applicant on:
    • Time Management/Independence and Initiatives
    • Application of Knowledge/Skills to Problem Solving into Practice
    • Communication Skills
    • Adaptability/Flexibility
    • Professionalism
    • Response to feedback
    • Recommendations
  • Click here to see a copy of the online form.

The deadline to submit the reference is October 14, 2021

If you anticipate not being able to complete the reference by October 14, please notify the applicant or decline the reference request. Doing so should give the applicant sufficient time to secure an alternate reference by the October 14 deadline.  

Applicants may remind their references to complete the reference 1 week after the request was sent.