Am I eligible to participate in PRAMS?
  • All applicants must have graduated or be graduating from a Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs-accredited faculty of pharmacy or otherwise be eligible for licensure in a Canadian province
  • All applicants must abide by the policies and rules of the matching service
  • Please note that some programs may have different eligibility requirements and entrance criteria. It is a good idea to research or reach out to the programs to which you wish to apply to determine whether you meet their criteria For more information about eligibility, please visit this page:
I am internationally trained in pharmacy. Am I eligible to participate in PRAMS?
  • All applicants must have graduated or be graduating from a Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs-accredited faculty of pharmacy or otherwise be eligible for licensure in a Canadian province.
  • Please note that eligibility for the PRAMS process does not necessarily entail eligibility for every residency program featured in PRAMS. Programs may have differences regarding eligibility requirements and entrance criteria. The CPRB encourages applicants to investigate the specific requirements of the programs they are interested in applying to.
  • For more information about eligibility, please visit this page:
Why can't I access the PRAMS website?
  • If you are able to see the homepage, you may need to create a new account or reset your password if you've had an account in previous years. 
    • If you've never made an account before, click on the green 'Don't have an account' button and follow the prompts.
    • If you have had an account before, but your password isn't working, try clicking on the blue 'Forgot your password' button and following the prompts.
    • Please note - emails from PRAMS are sometimes filtered into applicants' spam inboxes. Please check your junk folder before contacting CSHP for support.
  • If you cannot see the homepage, or if the site displays an error message when you go to , it might be an issue with your firewall or browser.
    • Please start by trying a different browser on your computer (Chrome seems to work best for most people).
    • If a new browser does not solve the problem, try a new device or a new physical location. It is possible that some network firewalls will block certain websites, including PRAMS. If you cannot change your device or physical location, please contact your IT department for assistance.
    • If you have tried both of these things and still cannot access the PRAMS site, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. If you can capture screenshots or screen recordings, those will assist us in understanding the problem.
How much does it cost to use PRAMS?
  • Applicants must pay a $100 registration fee to use PRAMS, plus a $25 fee for each program applied to
  • Anyone applying to one or more programs in British Columbia must pay an additional $50 fee
  • Please note that PRAMS fees are non-refundable
How does the Match algorithm work? Can you tell me how I should rank applicants/programs?
  • An explanation of how the Match algorithm works is available on the CPRB website here: The Match works first according to the applicants’ choices and secondly according to the programs’ choices. The result of the match is that each applicant and each program receive their most preferred position possible
  • Both applicants and programs should rank their choices based solely on their true preferences, in order of most to least preferred. You can find more information about the ranking process here
  • For some visual examples, visit the ‘Match – Explained’ webpage here:
What kind of educational records do I need for my application?
  • For your application to be considered complete, you must include a record of your pharmacy degree, including a graded transcript
  • You may also include a record of your high school and/or undergraduate education, but these are not required
If a program requests additional information (e.g., a cover letter), where should I upload it?
  • If a program requests extra data, it should be uploaded on the Program page after applying to that Program (i.e., selecting it and paying the application fee). In this case, only the program that you upload the document (e.g., a cover letter) to will be able to see that file.
  • Transcripts and other documents uploaded in the main application form area will be visible by all Programs. Please ensure that program-specific files are uploaded directly to the relevant Program page.
My name includes special characters. Can I use these characters in file names of documents uploaded to PRAMS?
  • We are making efforts this year to ensure that special characters will be accepted by the PRAMS system and will not corrupt any documents. That said, we do recommend that all applicants review their documents after uploading them to ensure that they have been uploaded correctly and without issue
Is there anything I can do to boost my application?
  • One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for PRAMS is to take the Pharmacy Residency Application Roadmap course, hosted by CSHP. You can find out more about this course here:
  • Past participants in this course noted that they felt better prepared and that they had a better understanding of the application process than their peers who had not completed the course
How fierce is the competition for residency positions?
  • The PRAMS process is quite competitive. On average, roughly 1/3 of applicants successfully secure residency positions
How many references do I need?
  • All applicants need to submit three references
  • When you add your referees to PRAMS, the system will send them an email requesting that they submit a reference. It is important that you ensure that your referees submit their references on time, as your application will be deemed incomplete if it does not include all three references
  • Find more information about references here:
I’m finished my application. How do I submit it?
  • You do not need to take any action to submit your application once it is finished. The system will automatically gather your details on PRAMS closing day. That said, we will be adding a feature whereby applicants can ‘lock’ their applications once they’re finished editing them, to help ensure that accidental edits are not made
Can I make changes to my application after closing day?
  • The PRAMS system will allow you to access your information and make changes after closing day, however, these changes will not make it to the programs that you applied to; programs receive copies of applicants’ information on closing day, and cannot view changes made to applications after closing day
Where will the Match results be posted?
  • The Match results will be posted on the PRAMS website on Match Day. You will not receive an email notification


For further questions or comments please contact Vanessa Glasby, CPRB Coordinator at