Fees and Application Requirements

It is critical that your application be complete when it is submitted. Any incomplete application will render the applicant ineligible to apply to any program.

Payment of fees: $100 registration fee plus $25 for your first program.

  • If you want to apply to more than 1 program, each additional program application costs $25.
  • Anyone applying to one or more programs in British Columbia is required to pay an additional $50 fee.


Personal Information: Name, Pronouns, Address, Country, Province/State, City, Postal code/Zip Code

Optional Self-Declaration: Are you a member of an equity-deserving group? (Response not required, and responses gathered only in aggregate form by CSHP; applicants' individual responses not attached to their application or provided to programs)

Status: Legal entitlement to work in Canada (e.g., a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or holder of a valid Canadian work permit), licensure to practice pharmacy

Secondary and Post-Secondary Education:

For your application to be considered complete, you must include:

  • Your pharmacy degree transcript (even if it is still in progress)

You may also (but are not required to) include:

  • one or more secondary (high school) education entry
  • one or more post-secondary education entry

Transcripts must include the following data: name and/or student number, numerical mark and/or letter grade for each course taken. Unofficial (i.e., unsealed) transcripts in PDF format are acceptable.

Upload all of your transcripts in PDF format. Then in each education entry, select the appropriate file from your attachments (if applicable). You can only include one file per education entry. If you have more than one transcript for a single course or certification, combine them into one PDF file before uploading.  

Pharmacy Education: List up to five completed directed studies, graded projects, elective courses or other relevant education experiences (e.g., professional development courses, webinars, etc.) that you wish to highlight.

List up to 10 experiential/practicum placements you have completed and/or will have completed by the end of your pharmacy program. Include practicum/rotation course name and course number. In the Brief Description, include the name of the facility where the rotation took place and a brief description of the site (e.g. hospital, community, family practice, long-term care, etc.). For hospital rotations include the specific clinical unit/area. For example "Canada Hospital, ambulatory clinics, adult internal medicine".

Work Experience over the past 3-5 years (including paid co-op experiences). Please exclude program-related experiential/practicum rotations: Name of organization, Location, Position title, Start and end dates, and Duties

Community Service / Volunteer Experience. List up to 5 community service or volunteer experiences that is independent of your pharmacy training: Name of organization, Location, Position title, Start and end dates, and Duties

Leadership Experience. List up to 5 pharmacy-related and non-pharmacy-related leadership activities starting with your most recent experience. (Please note - these experiences can be from employment, educational, or volunteer roles already mentioned in previous sections): Name of organization, Location, Position title, Start and end dates, and Duties

Extracurricular Activities (up to 5): List sports, performance in the arts, hobbies, etc. including dates of involvement and organization, as applicable, starting with the most recent. Activity Name, Name of organization, Start and end dates, short description

Publications and Major Presentations: Provide a list of any publications (e.g., papers, articles, etc.) or major presentations (e.g., speeches, webinars, etc.) you have completed, excluding anything that was required by your pharmacy program, beginning with the most recent. If available, please provide a link to the publication/presentation.

Professional Organizations/Affiliations/Memberships: List memberships (previous or active) with professional organizations including dates of involvement, starting with the most recent.

Awards and Scholarships: List any awards and scholarships you have received, including dollar amounts, beginning with the most recent. Please note, these do not necessarily have to be tied to your education (for example, a professional award could also be listed here). 

Essay: Please provide essay describing the following (max. 600 words / 4000 characters):

  • Your reason for applying for a residency program and how it aligns with your career goals
  • Your expectations of a residency program
  • How your life experiences to date have prepared you for a residency program
  • Tell us something about yourself that we have not asked of you in this application.

Refer to Sample Application Documents for an example of the application and reference forms. Note - this application form is only an example and may vary from the actual form on the PRAMS website, which is updated annually.

Documents: The application process requires that you submit the following documents (as mentioned above):

  • Unofficial transcript from your pharmacy program (mandatory) - must include student name/ student number/ numerical marks and/or letter grade for each course taken.
  • Unofficial (i.e. unsealed) transcripts in PDF are acceptable. 


  • High school transcripts are not necessary.
  • The term “unofficial”, as it pertains to the transcript, denotes that the applicant procures and directly submits the document to the PRAMS. It can be an unsealed document and is not expected to be submitted by the education institution.
  • If you have more than one transcript for a single course or certification, please combine them into one PDF before uploading.
  • Official transcripts may be required directly by the programs later in the application program, but this is independent of the PRAMS.

Additional Required Documents: Some programs require additional information to assess applications. The program(s) you select will have the additional program requirements listed to upload in PRAMS. The additional required documents you upload will be attached to that program only.

References: During the application process you are expected to obtain 3 references. You will enter names and email addresses for each of your selected references into PRAMS which will automatically send an email invitation for them to complete a reference for you within the PRAMS system.

  • It is a good idea to contact your references in advance to confirm expectations and to confirm their availability to complete the reference form.
  • Be sure to select referees who know you well and who will comply with the application program’s deadline. If your application does not contain three complete references, it will be considered incomplete.

Time: The application process requires careful consideration and the uploading of documents. Be sure to set aside enough time to complete the application process. Do not leave the application to the last minute.