For Residency Programs

PRAMS is only for “regular”, full-time positions, which start each summer or fall and are completed within the year. If a program has developed a “regular” part-time position (for example, that completes over a two year period), then they are welcome to include that position in the Match on the appropriate year. In this case, they should send in two separate ranking forms, and advise all candidates applying to the part time position, to distinguish it from the standard position.

The deadline to include your residency program in the matching program for the 2023-2024 residency year is August 4, 2023.

*Note - Programs in Québec do not select candidates using PRAMS

  1. Log into the PRAMS, using your email address as your program login email.
    • To obtain your password, click on forgot my password and you will receive an email with a link to set a password.
    • If you require a new account access, please contact the CPRB Coordinator at
  2. Verify your program information is correct including the number of residency positions available by August 4, 2023.
    • After the deadline, changes to the information can only be requested by Program Directors or Coordinators. The requests must be emailed to the CPRB Coordinator at
  3. Download the applicants’ information who have applied to your program after the application deadline on October 13, 2023.
    • Incomplete applications will render the applicant ineligible to apply to any program.
    • Programs will have access to the completed application form and required documents for applicants who have applied to their program.
    • Only programs to which a given candidate has applied will have access to that information and the candidate’s application.
    • Applicants will not be able to see the referee’s comments.
  4. Interview selected applicants.
  5. Rank applicants who applied to your program
    • Programs are not able to view the applicant’s ranking of programs.
  6. Finish ranking no later than January 5, 2024.
  7. In the event of an unsuccessful match (ie. no match, or match decline) programs may contact the CPRB Coordinator for access to the unmatched list and offer positions outside the match.

CPRB-accredited and accreditation-pending residency programs within Canada are required to participate in the CPRB Pharmacy Residency Application Matching Service (PRAMS). However, the clinical Master’s degree programs in Québec are exempt from this requirement.

The following drawing outlines the overall process for residency programs.

Learn more about how the ranking and match system work in PRAMS.