Both applicants and programs should make their rank order lists based solely on their true preferences. 

In the matching service, both applicants and programs should rank their preferences in order of most-to-least preferred, without consideration for how they will be ranked by the other party. Both programs and applicants could potentially lose the opportunity to be matched to a true preference. They should only rank choices that they would be fully capable of accepting, if matched to that result. (I.e., programs cannot rank candidates that they did not interview. Also, to Applicants do not have to rank all programs that they applied to. 

Applicants and programs never receive information about the rankings submitted by other applicants and programs. Each applicant is given only the final result obtained in the match. Each program is provided only with the names of the applicants it obtains in the match. 

Programs and applicants will never know each other’s rankings. This confidentiality will encourage all parties to rank their true preferences, resulting in the best match for both applicants and programs. 

The ranking deadline is January 6, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.