Program Selection

Each residency program offers a different mix of experiences and preceptors. CPRB-Accredited programs and accreditation-pending programs must meet Standards for teaching and program content. 

Check out a complete list and description of the Year 1 and Year 2 accredited programs and accreditation-pending programs to learn more about individual programs and determine how they align with your goals and intersts.  Applicants are encouraged to reach out to individual programs through their contact(s).

The Université Laval and Université de Montréal both offer university-based, clinical Masters Programs that are accredited by the CPRB. The application process for each of these programs is facilitated by the respective universities (applicants do not use the PRAMS).

The number of positions available varies from year to year and from program to program. Applicants can apply for as many programs (regardless of province) listed in PRAMS as they want, provided the applicable fees are paid.

Only programs to which you have applied will have access to your application. Prior to 2023, any program that an applicant applied to would have the ability to see all other programs to which that applicant had applied. This feature has been removed as of 2023, however, it is possible that some programs may choose to continue to share their lists of applicants (e.g., to facilitate applicant review or schedule interviews). Please contact program coordinators if you have any questions regarding how applicant lists are handled by their program.