Trillium Health Partners

Address 1:
Mississauga Hospital                    
100 Queensway Avenue West
Mississauga, ON, L5B 1B8

Address 2:
Credit Valley Hospital
2200 Eglinton Avenue West
Mississauga, ON, L5M 2N1  

Dr. Allan Mills, BSc (Pharm), Pharm D, FCSHP
Director of Pharmacy

Residency Lead Coordinator/Resource Pharmacist:
Contact:  Katie Palmer, BSc Phm, ACPR, CRE
Pharmacy Department, Credit Valley Hospital

Phone: 905-813-1100 ext. 6130
Fax: 905-813-4091

Residency Coordinator/Resource Pharmacist
Contact: Anjana Sengar, BSc Phm, PharmD, ACPR
Pharmacy Department, Mississauga Hospital

Phone: 905-848-7100 ext. 3839


Type: 52 week General Hospital Residency
Established in: 2006 (Accredited)
# Positions: 4
App. deadline: October 8, 2020 - 5:00 p.m. EST.
Starting date: July or September 2021 (flexible)
PRAMS: Additional requirements to complete the Pharmacy Residency Application and Matching Service (PRAMS) application should be sent through PRAMS when applying to the Trillium Health Partners program by the application deadline: Provide your reasons (max 300 words) for applying to the Trillium Health Partners Residency Program. Also include your most up-to-date resume/curriculum vitae. 
Est. stipend: approximately $34,000/year + 4% in lieu of benefits, statutory holidays, HOOPS, and 6% vacation pay
Vacation/holiday leave: 10 days
Education/conference leave: 2 conferences (PPC/Residents Clinical Conference)
A Community Teaching Hospital: As one of Canada’s leading community hospitals, the organization is comprised of three main sites that serve a population of over one million residents in Mississauga, south Etobicoke and the surrounding region.

The Mississauga Hospital site hosts the regional centers for Stroke, Neurosurgery and Cardiac Services. Trillium Health Partners is also home of one of the busiest Emergency services in Canada, a model ambulatory care centre and the largest free-standing day surgery facility in North America.

The Credit Valley Site features the Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre which serves a catchment area of 1.6 million people. CVH is also home to a regional maternal child care program and nephrology program.

Program Highlights:

The program offers a large range of clinical rotations, taught by highly-trained pharmacists, across all 3 of our sites with the goal of developing the next generation of health professionals; supporting team-based learning; setting a new standard of excellence in health care leadership; and, supporting continuous growth, learning, mentoring and development.  Residents have the opportunity to have direct positive interactions with primary health care practitioners, often acting as the link between nursing, attending physicians and patients. The program places a large emphasis on developing a strong therapeutic thought process and clinical skills that residents can apply in their future careers.

Features of the Residency Program

  • Case report & journal club presentations
  • Mentorship available
  • Bootcamp
  • Longitudinal teaching rotation
  • Participating in Pharmacy Education Rounds  
  • Opportunity to supplement learning through cardiac rounds, family practice rounds, pediatric rounds, infectious diseases rounds, mental health rounds, neurosurgery rounds, surgical rounds, orthopedic surgery rounds and many others

Clinical Rotations

The resident is expected to complete the following mandatory rotations and choose 1 rotation from the elective list to complete the residency. The number of weeks allotted to the rotations is in parentheses.

Mandatory Clinical Rotations (21 weeks):

  • General Medicine (5)
  • Intensive Care Unit (4)
  • Emergency Medicine (4)
  • Infectious Disease (4)
  • Independent Clinical Practice (4)

Mandatory Selective Rotations (8 weeks):

Cardiology selective: General cardiology, CCU/CSICU or CVU (4)
Regional program selective: Neurosurgery, neurology, oncology, or nephrology (4)

Elective Clinical Rotations (4 weeks):

  • Any regional program selective (4)
  • Any cardiology selective (4)
  • Pediatrics (4)
  • Rehabilitation (4)
  • Psychiatry (4)
  • CVH Family Health Team (4)
  • Orthopedic Surgery (4)
  • General Surgery (4)
  • Surgical Pre-Op Clinic (4)
  • Anticoagulation Clinic (4)

Mandatory Non-clinical Rotations (17 weeks):

  • Practice Management (1)
  • Drug Information (4)
  • Inpatient Drug Distribution (4)
  • Project (6)
  • Bootcamp (1)
  • Conferences (1)
  • Longitudinal Teaching Rotation 

Minimum required credentials: BSc.Pharm, plus registered as a pharmacist in Ontario at earliest opportunity upon being admitted to the program.


Type: Multi-site acute care community teaching hospital
Sites: Mississauga Hospital, Credit Valley Hospital, Queensway Health Centre
Affiliation: University of Toronto


Nicole Chang
Jeffrey Lai
Stephanie Naccarato
Aliya Syed

Peter Carducci
Julia Liu
Narthaanan Sirmurugathasan

Sama El Rfaei
Fulbert Fu
Emily Hammond
Hatf Sohail

Sonja Li
Meiko Peng
Mark Pryjma
Vincent Vuong

Elaine Martin
Amanda Dhawan
Amy Wang