Alberta Health Services Cancer Care

Address 1:
Cross Cancer Institute, 11560 University Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1Z2

Address 2:
Tom Baker Cancer Centre, 1331 29 St NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 4N2

Mary Gunther, BSc Pharm, ACPR
Clinical Practice Manager
Phone: 780-407-6023

Tom Baker Cancer Centre: Frances Folkman, BScPharm, ACPR
Clinical Practice Leader
Phone: 403-521-3365
Fax: 403-521-3326


Type: General

Focus: Oncology

Established in: 2005

# Positions: 2

App. Deadline: Friday, October 13, 2023

Starting date: Tuesday, July 2, 2023 

PRAMS Additional Requirements: (No additional requirements to complete the Alberta Health Services (Cancer Control) Pharmacy Residency Application and Matching Service (PRAMS) application)

Est. stipend: $46,600 per year for year 1

Benefits: Yes

Vacation/holiday leave: 10 paid days

Education/conference leave: Time provided to support residents to attend conferences

Minimum required credentials: Entry to Practice PharmD or Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree

Program highlights: General residency program involving rotations in drug information, medication use systems, leadership and administration and clinical rotations. Core and elective clinical rotations include internal medicine, acute care oncology/hematology, blood and marrow transplant, pain and palliative care, gyne oncology, lung cancer, pediatric oncology, breast cancer and regional cancer centre ambulatory oncology. As this is a provincial program, rotations may be offered at either the Cross Cancer Institute, the Tom Baker Cancer Centre or other AHS hospital sites. Residents must also complete a research project during the year.

Core Rotations: (duration; site choices): Rotations offer the residents experience in the cancer centres and hospitals in Edmonton and Calgary:

  • Drug Information: 1 week virtual experience
  • Medication Use Systems: 1 week; CCI
  • Leadership and Management: 3 weeks; CCI
  • Acute Care Adult Oncology: 4-5 weeks; CCI, FMC, UAH
  • Pain and Palliative Care: 4-5 weeks; CCI, TBCC/New Cancer Centre
  • Ambulatory Hematology: 4-5 weeks; TBCC/New Cancer Centre, CCI
  • Internal Medicine: 6 weeks; FMC, RAH
  • Undergraduate Clinical Precepting: 4 weeks; FMC, RAH
  • Residency Research Project: 8-9 weeks

Elective Rotations (2): Chosen based on interests of the resident and the availability of the rotations. There is time allotted to allow for two elective rotations of 4-5 weeks’ duration. The rotations listed below are a summary of available rotation sites at the present time. There is a possibility that additional rotation sites may open up with the addition of new practice areas.

  • Lung cancer ambulatory rotation (TBCC + Holy Cross site/New Cancer Centre)
  • Breast cancer ambulatory rotation (CCI)
  • Gyne oncology ambulatory rotation (TBCC/New Cancer Centre, CCI)
  • Pediatric oncology acute care rotation: (Stollery, ACH)
  • Blood and marrow transplant ambulatory rotation (TBCC/New Cancer Centre)
  • Regional cancer centre solid tumour ambulatory oncology (Central Alberta Cancer Centre, Jack Ady Cancer Centre)



Type: Alberta Pharmacy Practice Residency Program (Cancer Care)

Number of beds: 56 (Cross Cancer Institute) with most clinics operating in an ambulatory setting. New Cancer Centre in Calgary opening in the summer of 2024, number of acute care beds to be determined.

Cross Cancer Institute (CCI), Tom Baker Cancer Centre (TBCC) / new Calgary Cancer Centre, as well as other hospitals within Alberta Health Services.



Christina Watts
Julian Hopwood-Raja


Melissa Chan
Lisa Zhang


Kosha Kantharia
Alex Kwan


Tina Chen-En Ma
Alisha Shivji


Kyia Hynes
Kevin Thai


Helen Marin
Phoebe Hsu


Humirah Sultani
Grace Wong


Bianca Au
Katherine Fung